In 1994, a group of armed insurgents emerged from Mexican Lacandon junggle. They claimed their revolt was a move of desperation, an attempt to reveal the miserable living conditions of local indigenous population. Armed conflict lasted just several days, but the fight is still going on.

Twenty years after the insurgency thousands of indigenous people participate in civil Zapatista movement, which opposes all existing governments. In the most remote part of Mexico they are building "another world" - self-sufficient alternative society, autonomous and independent from traditional institutions.

At the same time Zapatistas create vast solidarity networks, that include sympathizers among local population as well as volunteers of non-governmental organizations from all over the globe.



ZIP 3,4 GB: movie in Spanish (.mp4); English, Russian, Latvian subtitles (.srt)

Last updated: August 22, 2016

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About us

The documentary is created by a group of enthusiasts from Russia, as a result of 1,5 year of filming in Mexican autonomous communities. The film is composed of the video shot in 2012-2014 in Chiapas in cooperation with other independent filmmakers, Mexican autonomous media and NGOs.

The project is completely non-commercial and the documentary production was completed solely by volunteers too.

So now the project focuses on informing Russian-speaking population about the struggle of Mexican indigenous peoples for justice, liberty and democracy. Lectures, screenings and video production are the main activities of our group since 2014 until today. Past and future screenings are in the map.

We will be happy to screen the movie at your place and to speak about our experience of meeting Zapatistas! To do the screening you should self-organize a place, projector and promotion. We also ask to cover travel expenses for 2 persons, the creators.

Details (in Russian, please use in-built browser translation).

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Would like to support Zapatista movement?

You can order coffee directly from them by contacting our Fairtrade Cooperative! Take a look at the project description.

We hope this website will soon be transformed to a kind of portal about Zapatistas.
We are working on this.